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Well. I was shooting a dance video for a client last night and as we were wrapping up, we decided to grab some B-roll drone footage.

I did manage to get some pretty awesome shots, but then I decided to give the DJi intelligent flight modes a try. That damn thing flew right into a tree and tumbled down into several feet of flood water below.

I dropped my pants on the spot and waded out into that brown water to get it, but without being able to see the bottom I stopped before it got to my waist.

Needless to say, I’m sooo glad I purchased insurance when I bought that thing. I’ll be going back every day (probably multiple times) waiting for that water to recede enough to grab it from the base of that tree.

I’m super bummed about it though. I have two more shoots lined up this weekend with other clients that involved drone shots. So tbd on what I’ll do there.

Check out some of the dope shots I snagged on this drone on my Instagram. Comment on your favorite!

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Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Nik Parkison and I love visual content.

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